Student cellos

Our cellos are all handmade in the Italian tradition, using the exact same methods that have proven over time to gain the best results.

All instruments are made with the highest quality materials. All of the wood that is used to create Vivaldi cellos is specially selected, with careful and experienced consideration. The wood has been dried and naturally aged in our purpose built, temperature and humidity controlled room to assure wood quality is always maintained.


Price range $1500-$2200

The M80 cello is crafted from a selection of high-quality wood, with 5 years air dried spruce wood on the front, maple wood for the neck, back, and ribs, and boxwood tuning pegs. It is finished in a very appealing translucent red varnish. The sound is warm and resonant, perfect for the beginner to intermediate player.

The cello  comes with European strings, cello bag, and bow, and is available from 1/16- 4/4 size.
Prices vary depending on customers outfit choice.

M90 – $3300

The M90 cello is specially hand-made and comes with ebony tuning pegs, and fingerboard. The wood used for the top and back plates has been air dried for 5 years.

The instrument comes with a Belgian bridge, and a tailpiece with inbuilt fine tuners. The varnish is of an attractive soft crimson colour.

This cello comes with European strings. The sound is mellow, yet powerful, with a clear range of overtones. It is available in 1/2, 3/4, 7/8 , 4/4 and the outfit comes with cello bag, and bow.

M100 – $4900

The M100 is a beautiful handmade cello. The wood used in this series, has been air-dried for 10 years. The sound has an attractive depth of complexity, well suited for exploring repertoire of a certain demand and scope.

The varnish has a soft dark finish, complimenting in character to the tone of the instrument. This series is recommended for the intermediate to advanced player. The cello comes with ebony fittings and European strings. It is available in 1/2, 3/4, 7/8 and 4/4 sizes.

M400 – $5900

The M400 is a premium hand-made cello, customised with 11 year air-dried wood. This instrument is well suited for the advanced player, performing highly demanding solo repertoire such as concertos.

This instrument comes with ebony fittings, and European strings. There is a vibrancy in the sound which is hard to find in other cellos of a similar price range.

M1000 -$6900

The M1000 is an exceptional hand made cello, characterised by the high quality materials used in its construction. The feeling of effortless tone production which radiates from this instrument rewards the player with its generous abundance of tone colours.

The wood used in this cello has been air-dried for 12 years.

European Master Series

The flagship model in the Vivaldi range of instruments, this cello is made with the highest quality European wood. The acoustical qualities of the wood used will impress immediately. The wood has been air-dried for 12 years and the highly flamed back dazzles visually.

This series of cello has been used in many successful performances of the Elgar and Dvorak cello concertos, both in concerts and competitions. This cello series has also been used in professional orchestras in Australia.


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