Student cellos

Our Cellos are all handmade in the Italian tradition, using the exact same methods that have proven over time to gain the best results.

All instruments are made with the highest quality materials. All of the wood that is used to create Vivaldi cellos is specially selected, with careful and experienced consideration. The wood has been dried and naturally aged in our purpose built, temperature and humidity controlled room to assure wood quality is always maintained.

The  different models available in our 4/4 cellos are:

M80 – $1850

M90 – $3300

M100 – $4900

M400 – $5900

M1000 -$6900

The 80 Series comes in a Stradivarius model with a lovely red colour varnish.

The 100 -1000 series come in a range of colours, from a delicate, soft yellow/orange, reminiscent of  dark honey, to a beautiful translucent red, and a distinguished rich,  dark chocolate brown.

The various models include:

Strad models
1690 – The ‘Medici Tuscan’
1730-Demunck Slim body suitable for lady.
1700- Stauffer Ex Cristiani

Montagnana 1739 “sleeping beauty”
Montagnana 1742- wide body

Giuseppe Guarneri 1710
William Foster 1814
Alessandro Gagliano 1704
Matteo Gofriller- “Schneider” 1693
Antonio Guadagnini 1777- 7/8 size

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