When buying an instrument from Vivaldis what can I, as the customer, expect?

When buying a string instrument from Vivaldis, you will be investing in a high quality, hand made instrument. Whether it is for a beginner, or for an advanced Tertiary level student, the attention to detail will always be meticulous.

All wood used is aged, seasoned, and cared for to the highest of standards to ensure Vivaldis has the best sounding instruments in the market. Many of our violin makers that make our Professional level Violins have won awards in Europe and America for various aspects of violin making, including craftsmanship and tone.

The final phase in ensuring Vivaldis has the finest instruments available, is the fastidious approach our resident luthier takes in setting up the instruments to the highest of specifications, making sure the various components involved, including the sound post, fingerboard, and bridge all align, to allow the instrument to resonate and sing.

And to give the instrument’s player the most satisfying musical experience.

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