Justin White Luthier

I came to musical instrument making with a background in both music and woodworking. I studied the violin with members of the Opera-Ballet and Australian Chamber orchestras, and I play in a freelance capacity. I also play the classical guitar. I obtained a bachelor of music from the university of New South Wales with first class honours and then undertook postgraduate research study in musicology. My academic background has enabled me to research the instrument making traditions of interest and build an understanding of both the traditional craft and it’s practical applications to performers.

I have been making musical instruments since the late 1990s and since then have completed well over 140 instruments: violins, violas, cellos, and guitars. These instruments have found homes with a broad range of owners within Australia and abroad, including Schools, music teachers, their students, and professional orchestral performers.

The instruments I produce follow a range of models. These are derived from careful study of the instruments and designs of the masters and are replicas in design. Makers whose instruments I offer models of include: Amati, Stainer, Stradivari, and Guarneri, as well as a number of romantic era guitar models.

Custom or bespoke instruments are also available as commissions. This can range from a copy of a specific instrument, to the copying of a musician’s existing instrument, to more specific requirement of individual musicians. I am happy to work with the customer to achieve the instrument that suits their needs.

I view the making of musical instruments as a form of practical art. I am building tools for the use of musicians, yet at the same time I am engaged in the practice of woodcarving and the creation of objects for their aesthetic beauty. From this perspective I am most drawn to the works of the great classical masters such as the Amati family and Antonio Stradivari, as well as the French romantic school of guitar making. These masters represent the pinnacle of aesthetic achievement in the craft and I endeavour to follow their example.