Violin by Jean-Baptiste Colin, France 1896

Violin by Jean-Baptiste Colin, France 1896

The sound is sweet and smooth as chocolate. The tone is even across all strings and resonant

A typical french violin made outside the mold with a slim line. The two-piece back is highly flamed with matching ribs, neck and scroll that has been acutely carved. The craftmanship on this instrument is very neat and the wood thinly planed. There is a shellac varnish of light to medium brown over an amber ground with heavy honey undertones giving it an earthy feel.

This french violin is labelled Lutherie Artisque Jean-Baptiste Colin 1896. Jean-Baptiste Colin (1981-1923) was french violin maker who was based in Mirecourt. He often patterned his violins after that of Colin-Mezin or Vuillaume.

This violin made in 1896 will greatly appeal to lovers of french instruments. It is a copy of Antonio Stradivari’s Messiah.

Length of back: 358mm