Violin by Wolff Brothers, Germany c.1900 (No. 114)

Violin by Wolff Brothers, Germany c.1900 (No. 114)

The sound on this violin is wonderfully deep and dark. It is strong and powerful, yet warm. A very masculine violin that is in perfect condition.

The one-piece back was cut from a beautiful piece of slab cut wood with some flame. It has an amber brown top coat that shows lovely chatoyance of “cat’s eye effect” that almost vibrates.

The Wolf Brothers established their workshop in Kreuznach, Prussia in 1864. From 1885-1910 they had branched out to the British market where their instruments enjoyed great popularity and were much sought after, at least until the outbreak of the Great War. The brothers made well-crafted instruments using exceptional tonewoods.

This violin will suit up to an advanced level student and is in perfect condition.

Length of back: 358mm